Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Right has no room to complain...

The right wing of the GOP seems to be complaining that there's no candidate who is revving them up. They have no room to complain. To quote Ernst Stavlo Blofeld in You Only Live Twice, "This organization does not tolerate failure."

The right wing failed. They pushed the Congressional GOP into hard-line positions on immigration, forced the withdrawal of the nomination of Harriet Miers, and scuttled Dubai Ports World's purchase of a British company that ran port operations at some American ports. They insinuated that those who opposed them on immigration were traitors. Others who objected were said to be party hacks who sold their souls.

There was only one way for the right wing to get away with it. They had to deliver Congress to the GOP despite having angered Hispanics, moderates/libertarians, and others who disagreed with them on those issues. Especially in the manner they expressed their disagreement. I can handle disagreements on an issue. My partner-in-blogging and I first "met" when we disagreed over reactivating the Iowa-class fast battleships. My brother and I also don't agree on everything, either.

But when you imply that I am a traitor, or that my disagreement with your methods makes me a party hack with a soul that has been sold, I am not going to be favorably inclined towards you. Especially when your approach has failure.

Rush and the folks at Redstate need to accept the fact that failure has a price. Part of the price they must pay is the fact that they may very well have serious disagreements with the GOP nominee for President in 2008. Or they might not like him. Too bad. They need to embrace the suck and win - because they must atone for their failure to deliver Congress in 2006.

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