Friday, January 12, 2007

Koskie still has his bell rung?

That is the latest from

But across the diamond at third base, the Brewers remain in limbo with third baseman Corey Koskie, who did not play after last July 5 because of post-concussion syndrome. His uncertain status for 2007 has the team "concerned, but not alarmed," according to the club's top medical official, and ultimately unsure who will man the hot corner on Opening Day.

"He is progressing in a positive direction, but no baseball activities yet," said assistant general manager Gord Ash, who got an update on Koskie from head athletic trainer Roger Caplinger on Tuesday. "The information we have is somewhat vague, and I don't know that we'll know anything more until we see him in person."

Gord, have you ever heard of someone by the name of Ryan Braun? Third baseman, kicked a lot of ass this past year, including a great season in the Arizona Fall League, and just swinging the bat very well?

Third base is not a problem, Gord. Just put Koskie on the 60-day DL, write his season off, and let Braun do his thing in Milwaukee. Great offense. Problem solved.

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