Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Going after Romney...

Liz Mair broke the news about flyers being passed out which attack Mitt Romney over his record on abortion.

It's the same old rehashing of an old issue, one that Mitt Romney has explained several times. RightMarch is trashing him over his old statements because his track record as governor is pro-life.

In fact, his conduct as governor has really shown that he is not a flip-flopper. When he studied the stem-cell issue, he changed his mind based on what he learned - it was new information causing a person to re-evaluate his position. Why should people consider that a horrible thing or a negative for a President?

But what was most impressive was what he did once he had changed his mind. He told the people of Massachusetts he had changed his mind, but he still honored the promise he made when he was running for governor. Again, why is this something to be seen as a bad thing?

With Romney, we have an honest man who is running for the office of President of the United States. One who is not so caught up in ideology that he will ignore new information, and who will change his mind if you convince him. One could do far worse than that for POTUS.

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MLEH said...

If he could change his position based on new information once, he might do it again. Horrors!

The Know Nothings are only interested in supporting True Believers whose allegiance to their position has no basis in mere fact. It must be an Article of Faith.

Facts are such inconvenient things, don't you know.