Friday, January 19, 2007

Why we need SDI...

Don Surber lays it out about how we let the world down in the 1990s. Bill Clinton's cutbacks on defense, particularly his gutting of Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, were among the worst things with regards to the security of this country. Tiem and time again he fought efforts to put up a national missile defense system - even after a Chinese general indirectly threatened Los Angeles over Taiwan.

Mr. Surber says,

We blew this lead in the name of “peace” — in the hopes of stopping an arms race.
It didn't work, very well. Did it, Democrats? Who among them will admit they were wrong? Nobody among their leadership will - if anything, they will blame Bush and his push for missile defense. And it will say a lot more about the Democrats than it will about the Bush Administration.

China's new anti-satellite weapon is just the latest exhibit of how Democratic negligence in the area of national security had made this country less secure. Granted it takes a rocket, and is more akin to the old Soviet killersats we worried about. We had a nice program called the ASAT. Killed by Democrats in the name of peace.

It would sure be nice to have it now.

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