Thursday, January 04, 2007

More on Jemil Hussein...

Or is it Jamil or Jamail? It's hard to tell - largely because we still have no proof that this person exists.

And now, there may be more questions about the AP's coverage of Iraq. An AP source is apparently wanted by the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior for questioning. Another reporter, interviewed by INDCJournal, seems to have a bias against the United States.

Editor and Publisher is parroting the AP's line that there is no problem, and that is keeping the story from getting too many legs. One just has to look at Greg Mitchell's "Pressing Issues" columns, though, and one has to wonder if Editor and Publisher can cover this dispute fairly. Mitchell has constantly editorialized against the war. He also tried to promote the highly questionable Lancet study that claimed over 650,000 deaths in Iraq. The apparent lack of interest in exposing fraudulent coverage that seems present at Editor and Publisher is not shocking, given Mitchell's opinions of the war. Clearly, he wants America to quit.

This is not a small matter. Hundreds, if not thousands, of news sources use the AP. The questionable reporting is affecting public support for the war. Clearly, the AP's coverage cannot be trusted.

The American people would be better served if they went to the following sites:

Central Command's newsroom:

MNC-Iraq's new releases:

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Gilbert_Sundevil said...

I guess Michelle Malkin is headed over there to help investigate.

By the way, one of your blogs you link to is dead/outdated - Malkin(s) Watch.

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