Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Barbaro didn't make it...

Barbaro died Monday. The thing is, he had pretty much beaten the initial injury, and now they just had to keep going until they had beaten the other stuff.

The only reason Barbaro is dead is because he was euthanized - never mind the effort of the past eight months or what had been accomplished. In essence, the decision was made to give up on Barbaro. Looking past the words in the press conference.

In a sense, it is much like the Iraq campaign in the war on terror. We've done very well to get to this point, and it has had some complications. But we can still have a viable democracy in Iraq. It's just a matter of deciding we will persevere and not quit.

Because that is the only way we will lose the war. We will have simply quit. And it really does not matter what is said by the Democratic majority in Congress, that is really what will have happened.

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