Friday, January 12, 2007

Spineless in Congress...

AJ-Strata has some of the latest on the Congressional spinelessness that seems to have broken out. Sadly, some of this has even hit Republicans - making Chuck Hagel unacceptable, and threatening to push Sam Bronback in that direction. Ron Paul is also unacceptable due to his refusal to do a damn thing about state sponsorship of terrorism.

Don Surber reports that terrorists attacked our embassy in Greece. Do the Democrats really think that their cowardly policy of appeasement is going to do anything but encourage future attacks? Where will it end up? Well, one possible way to get some idea is to read an alternate-history novel called The Big One.

It is a superb read, but it also lays out what would have happened had some people been much less resolute in opposing Nazi Germany way back when. And Islamo-facism draws a lot of influence from that evil regime. Mein Kampf is a big seller in the Palestinian Authority. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has denied the Holocaust.

We either fight them now, when it will be relatively easy, or it wil have to be done later - at the point where the only viable option could be something that will change America forever.

Which will it be?

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