Tuesday, August 21, 2007

After Iraq...

AJ-Strata is asking the logical question: What do we do after we have stabilized Iraq?

The answer, of course, is simple. We move on to the next state sponsor of terrorism and either convince it to surrender (as Libya did), or we take it out.

But who do we go for?

Eritrea may be the newest of these sponsors, due to their support of the Islamic Courts, a Taliban-inspired group that briefly held power in Somalia. It would be relatively easy with some allies in the region (particularly Ethiopia, which knock the Islamic Courts out of power).

Syria is another option - due to its interference with Lebanon, and a series of assassinations. A lot of the support Hezbollah gets probably comes from the Assad regime in Damascus. And it would have the effect of securing a vulnerable ally's flank.

Iran, though, is the most dangerous, and not just because it is pursuing nukes. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's past statements sound a lot like someone who is out to commit suicide by cop. Only, in this case, he would be triggering Iran's suicide by STRATCOM.

Whatever happens, we're in for a long haul, just as President Bush said back in 2001. It doesn't stop at Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Galrahn said...

Petraeus is going to call out Iran on September 15th, they have been trying to get everyones attention for months, if not years, at the DoD regarding the Iran problem in Iraq.

The DoD won't pass up the chance to tell the world and show some smoking guns with the whole world watching.

The buildup for Showdown has already begun.