Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Why Obama Still Isn't Quite Ready for Prime Time

There's stupid, there's real stupid, and then there's this stuff:

The Illinois senator warned Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf that he must do more to shut down terrorist operations in his country and evict foreign fighters under an Obama presidency, or Pakistan will risk a U.S. troop invasion and losing hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. military aid.

(Yeah, I'd kind of hope that we'd end military assistance to any countries we invade.)

Of course, he did this to try to get out of his previous case of stuck-on-stupid:

Obama said he would be willing to meet leaders of rogue states like Cuba, North Korea and Iran without conditions, an idea that Clinton criticized as irresponsible and naive. Obama responded by using the same words to describe Clinton's vote to authorize the Iraq war and called her "Bush-Cheney lite."

Obama's strategy:

1. Dialogue with our sworn enemies
2. Declare war on our allies and coalition partners

Hmm. Now, I have not attended the Naval War College, the Army War College, the Air Force Air Warfare College, or the Marine Corps Amphibious Warfare School, so I'm just a layman . . . but the above does not look like a winning strategy.


Dave Lucas said...

He didn't know it at the time but that speech is Obama's Kryptonite.

Galrahn said...

Couple things here.

It was wrong to invade Iraq unilaterally, but invading a nuclear armed country unilaterally is good policy?

Isn’t it ironic Pakistan assumes control of TF 150, the international task force in the Middle East to promote maritime security on the same day Obama discusses invading Pakistan? Talk about being out of touch with what is actually going on.