Monday, August 20, 2007

Petreaus a target...

Well, it seems that success can make you a target inside the Beltway. Microsoft was targeted after it succeeded - and now, they can't even get into the field of search engines without having to ask, "DOJ, may I?"

Now, according to AJ-Strata, the target is General David Petraeus. A number of people did not want to see the surge have any success in stabilizing Iraq. Well, it's worked - it's gotten the Sunnis mostly on board. Things are getting calmer, which will make it easier to get a political solution.

Of course, that would mean that the liberation of Iraq succeeded. That does not sit well with the Democratic netroots. So Petraeus must be destroyed.

The anti-war movement says they support the troops - yet it seems they are rooting for the troops to fail. With "support" like that, the troops don't need enemies.

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Mike Burleson said...

If Petraeus and his excellent team can defeat the same Islamic fighters who chased out the Soviets in Afghanistan (admittedly with much US help), then perhaps he can handle the lamest antiwar movement in recent memory.