Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Alberto Gonzales: Betrayed by the Right, but unbeaten...

The resignation of Alberto Gonzales is a tragedy. As AJ-Strata puts it, he was "lynched" by the left. Can't exactly be too upset over that - the left tends to do that to accomplished people who they need to take down one way or another.

But there are those on the right who knew what the left wanted to do that, and then aided and abetted them, either by piling on, or by just sitting on their hands. And their piling on is yet another reason why I've just stopped giving a damn about conservatism. There are better ways for me to spend my time, money, and talents than helping to empower those who seem to think that because I don't toe their line, I am a party hack who sold my soul - or worse.

Remember, two-thirds of the Bush fundraisers are sitting on the sidelines. Many of them have been loyal to the President on a personal level... and it must gall them to see the crap thrown at him from self-appointed commissars, who self-righteously proclaim he is a sellout, and how they are willing to stand on principle.

And they wonder why folks like me can't stand them or why I'd rather be spoiling my brother's guinea pig rotten than spend time supporting their causes. Well, maybe if they stop implying I am some sort of sellout because I have disagreements with their positions on a number of levels, including strategic and moral grounds, then I might be inclined to resume support.

But conservatism needs to grow up first.

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