Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wild comments...

What do Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama have in common?

Both just made statements that are patently absurd, but sadly typical.

Obama's was the typical fare one expects from a Democrat running for that party's nomination to the White House. It was a little milder than past comments from Ruchard Durbin and John Murtha, but he got rigtheously spanked by Mitt Romney.

Gingrich's comments were typical fare for those who are pandering to the immigration hard-liners who have, in conjunction with talk-show hosts and other pundits, made solving the problem impossible. How can we get the gang members and thugs who will shoot people in the head when we are busy raiding meat-packing plants? Oh, and it looks like the a typical "let them loose" judge may have been more responsible - and he could have just as easily let a native-born American citizen out to do that killing.

Whoops, I may be setting myself up to get the usual nonsense responses from those who have successfully imposed an immigration litmus test on conservatism.

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