Friday, August 10, 2007

The Wild West Internet...

It seems the House of Lords is tut-tutting about the Internet, specifically the wide degree of freedom there is online.

Personally, I think that is what has not only made the Internet so important, it also has helped get the economy kick-started much more than it has been. Universal drags its feet releasing Dragnet, Adam-12, and Emergency, and some folks fill in the gap. Well, most of it. Don't like bars, but want a fling? There are sites for that. Want to buy a switchblade? There's an Italian site that ships to the US. Wanna find an old transformer you used to play with as a kid - or the one you always wanted? It's somewhere out there - you just gotta look.

Think of this as one giant flea market/classifieds section - with the person who can help you living just about anywhere in the world.

Man... this is gonna be FUN!!!

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