Friday, August 10, 2007

Messed-up priorities...

If you want to know why I have found myself less and less willing to call myself conservative, and instead, like my co-blogger, calling myself a Donald Bellisario Republican, you need to read this New York Times article.

We are facing a global war on terror, with various Islamists trying to kill us by crashing airliners into buildings and blowing themselves up, and they are more interested in ideological purity on a bunch of side issues rather than finding someone who can keep a party whose likely candidates are utterly incompetent in matters involving national security from gaining the White House and solidifying its hold on Congress.

There are objective conditions here. We have one country with a history of state-sponsored terrorism that is led by a man who seeks the coming of the Twelfth Imam. Another country is carrying out genocide in Darfur. There are terrorist groups out there, waiting for a chance to strike.

And folks like Steve Deace and Sam Brownback want to nitpick Romney's record on side issues.


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