Friday, August 24, 2007

And they think a fence is the solution?

Well, it looks as if the drug lords are gonna find another way - never mind the "message" a fence was supposed to send. There have been tunnels under the border, which I've discussed before. This time, it was a sub. And think this over - in the Pacific, our ASW training is being restricted by federal judges.

If you can run drugs in, you can get people in. And the Coast Guard's modernization has had its share of problems.

The real key to good border security isn't a fence - it's good intelligence, and having common-sense laws that meet everyone's needs. Right now, the business community's labor needs are not being met, and as such, the black market has filled the gap all too well. The Y and Z visas could have solved the problem. But they got deemed "amnesty" by a bunch of self-appointed commissars in the pundit class and on the talk radio shows - and the bill died.

We need to deal with reality as it is. Not the way certain people want things to be for the purposes of pushing their agenda.

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Gilbert_Sundevil said...

Why can't we combine the fence with good intelligence?