Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Right gone mad...

It seems that more and more of my dobuts about where I stand on immigration are fading away. At least, that is where it seems to be going, particualrly after reading about the death threats Senator John McCain got from opponents of the defeated Senate bill.

He was not the only one. Lindsey Graham and Mel Martinez, both supporters of comprehensive reform of our immigration laws, also got them.

It really is the natural outgrowth of rhetoric that declares those who support such legislation traitors. Treason, after all, IS a capital crime.

In essence, those web forums who permitted such rhetoric, and those bloggers who freely used it, are, in my view, ethically and morally culpable for these threats (even if they cannot legally be held accoutnable). By using the terms they have, they're like the person who eggs on someone who is hearing a drunk at a bar tossing insults.

This sort of thuggery is a sign that the President's opponents on immigration really don't have much of a rational argument. They have to shout people down, distort the facts, and whip up hysteria. And conservatism wants to follow that path.

It can do so without me. If objecting to giving Senators death threats, and insisting upon basic civility makes me a RINO, so be it.

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SallyVee said...

Yup, I'm with you Harold. It's completely nuts and out of control.

As hard as I've tried to avoid news & commentary for several weeks now, every time I tune in for 30 seconds I get whacked in the face with another contestant in the ongoing pageant of flaming right wing suicide bombers.

I peeked this morning and found the item linked below about my formerly beloved Newt Gingrich... which I then forwarded to friends with this note:

There was a time long, long ago when Republicans led by Newt stood up to Democrat scare mongers (anyone remember Mediscare?) and gave people like me reality-based solutions & principles to vote for... what happened?