Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Conservative chaos?

It looks more and more likely.

Congressman Sensenbrenner is determined to take a hard-line on this process, and compromise will be impossible if Congressman Chris Cannon is purged for daring to support the President's approach over the "rule of law" as defined by Tom Tancredo and other hardliners.

The result will be chaos. It seems that RNC polling shows that most Republicans do favor a comprehensive solution to the problem, and that the folks trying to oust Cannon are a vocal minority that has been all-too-successful in shouting down opponents, often with epithets like "Quisling".

I'm probably going to scrape together another donation to Congressman Cannon before his primary on June 27. I certainly hope that others will do so as well by going to his web site. Maybe if the majority of Republicans and conservatives speak up, the purge can be stopped, and chaos averted. If not, then I do not see any solution forming, as the emboldened purists will dig in and hold out for nothing short of their "enforcement only" agenda (I have no illusions that they will ever consider needed increases in legal immigration or a guest-worker program).

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