Friday, May 05, 2006

Let us be frank about the media...

Gateway Pundit has very interesting information on Ray McGovern, who has been calling Rumsfeld a liar. has the transcript of Rumsfeld's speech.

No need to rehash, but I am going to say something about/to the media. Not reporting what this guy has done - or what he has said - is just plain wrong. It goes beyond wrong. This is failure to do the basic duties of journalism. When someone has the kind of track record that McGovern has, it needs to be discussed, just as a general's connection with CDI ought to be mentioned.

But they were not. And so, it is time for people to start asking reporters and editors, "Do you want the terrorists to win?" Because it sure looks like they do. And just for the record, this is not making the media a scapegoat. This is asking if the media is undercutting the people in charge of winning the war we are in. Because it sure looks like that is happening.

There might be some people who will think I am trying to perpetuate a Dolchstosslegende ("stab in the back myth") by asking these questions. But it sure looks like a stab in the back, much as Walter Cronkite's comments about the Tet Offensive were.


Cannoneer No. 4 said...

They all want to be Cronkite, or Woodward and Bernstein. The journos are stuck in 1968. Bush is their Nixon. They will do anything to retain their power as legacy jounalists, to include hiring stringers with connections to terrorists. They willingly and eagerly disseminate enemy agit-prop.

The media is not on our side

Robin said...

I work in a facility that is probably 50% Democrat and 50% Republican. No one reads the LA Times, other than the sports section, even though it is provided free of charge. The front page is a joke and the editorial page is simply never mentioned. In fact, mentioning the Times as a source puts you in a losing position in any discussion.
They may not be the enemy, but they certainly aren't for America. The days of the MSM as arbiters of truth are numbered.