Monday, May 15, 2006

Stop the purge...

Once again, Congressman Chris Cannon is the target of a primary challenge. Some have labeled him a "RINO" - how someone who voted 100% in line with the American Conservative Union can somehow be hit with that label boggles the mind. Or should.

The answer, of course, is immigration. You see, Congressman Cannon's views on this issue mirror President Bush's. Cannon is a target due to his 97% lifetime ACU rating. This is an affront to those like Tom Tancredo, Michelle Malkin, and Mark Krikorian. How can a conservative hold such a view? And so, Cannon must be purged. And to do so, they have come up with the smear that he believes in a "post-America", accused of "shacking up" with America as opposed to being committed.

And they claim that they are the victims of smears? Particularly when their slimy associates (like VDARE, Lawrence Auster, Steve Sailer and Jared Taylor) are discussed and called for what they are.

I just sent Cannon's campaign $50. If you'd like to do so, head here, and contribute via Paypal. Or, you can do so directly via Paypal via his e-mail address on the contact page.

Let's send a message to Tom Tancredo: The purge stops now.

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