Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pushback? Maybe there is hope...

It seems that there has been a fair bit of pushback against the hostile reaction to the President's speech on immigration. A lot of it focuses on the inexcusable commentary by Vox Day, which has even drawn the condemnation of Captain's Quarters. Notable for her silence is Michelle Malkin (as of 12:56 PM on May 16), whose column also runs at WorldNetDaily.

Now, for the rundown:
  1. The Anchoress starts with her take on this. See also her discussion of the Polipundit split.
  2. The Hedgehog Blog has pointed readers to my posts on immigration.
  3. Strata-Sphere fires off thank-yous. Then AJ-Strata takes on Mr. Day.
  4. DJ Drummond comments as well.
  5. Karl Maher adds some thoughts, and fires at the all-or-nothing crowd.
  6. Dafydd at Big Lizards also comments on the fever swamp on the right.
  7. MacRanger fires his own shots as well.

It seems that there is a determination among some on the right to say very clearly that there is a base of support for the President's position - and they are determined to take a stand against the digital storm that is coming.

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Ken Prescott said...

Michelle's silence (and continued relationship with WingNut Daily) says a lot.