Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New links...

I'm linking to Lorie Byrd, DJ Drummond, and The Anchoress from today on. These are three people who have stood for civil discussion of the issues - and all have particularly made these stands on immigration. Lorie is one of those who has been told by Polipundit to toe the line on immigration or else - and she has left that blog, purged for disagreeing with the hard line.

Speaking of purges, I again urge people to send a donation to Congressman Chris Cannon, who is one of those who is seeking a comprehensive solution - and facing a primary challenge backed by Tom Tancredo for his refusal to shut up and toe the line.

Take a stand, and support those who do so as well.

EDIT: In response to the comment by Icarus, I will point out that DJ Drummond has done far less than PoliPundit ever did. In the past few weeks, I have seen PoliPundit scream "Bush LIED!" with a shrillness that matches Howard Dean. I have seen him refer the the President as "El Presidente Jorge Arbusto" numerous times. He even went so far as to call President Bush a traitor.

I have not seen such conduct from DJ Drummond. I saw some straight talk. I did not see the level of venom that came from PoliPundit. My comment stands.

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Icarus said...

With all due respect .... if you think DJ Drummond has "stood for civil discussion of the issues" then you haven't been paying much attention.

No argument with Lorie Byrd and the Anchoress. Both are mature class acts, full of grace and wisdom.

In recent weeks, Drummond, on the other hand, has called readers and posters various names, deleted posts he didn't agree with, banned dozens of sincere conservative commenters, and sunk to actually changing reader comments (into childish sexual innuendos) when he couldn't support his arguments.

You might want to rething your statement - or at least spend some time reading through Drummond's archives over the last few weeks. He couldn't be less "civil" if he tried.