Monday, May 22, 2006

Making a change...

Powerline Blog is off the blogroll for now. Instead, BigLizards will be on.


smh10 said...

Good Morning:

While I like the Big Lizards site, I was perplexed as to why your would remove Powerlineblog from your blogroll.

I am certain there is something at the site I must have missed.

Certainly not questioning your call here, just wondering for personal reference.

Have a great day and enjoy reading your daily.

Harold C. Hutchison said...

Part of it was because Big Lizards has had be very favorably impressed for a while now.

Part of it was the fact that I've been less than impresse with some of their comments on the immigration issue - particularly their unfair treatment of Senator Martinez.

And, finally, part of it was their current blog of the week. One of the folks at Fraters Libertas took up for Vox Day, and to be honest, I really have little patience for being told I somehow misunderstood what he wrote. I personaly do not like the paleoconservative way of thinking - I think it is far too hospitable for some slimy characters.

After this week, I might blogroll them again - but they are on suspension from my blog this week.

smh10 said...

Thanks for the clarification it is really appreciated and I certainly understand you owed me no explanation which made it even more

I dropped an email to the fellows at Powerlinejust this past week when they tried to tar all the writers at Polipundit with the same brush after the Immigration meltdown there, but no correction and no reply were forthcoming.

I am a person who looks for diverse opinions, but once again, some are printing their thoughts as though it is fact..this I do not ever condone.

Thanks again so much for the clarification on this, it is funny how we all miss or scan past important issues daily. [I had never linked to their site of the week this week and after reading your answer to my question doubt I will be today or in the future.]