Monday, May 15, 2006

A voice of responsibility...

Jim Geraghty speaks out about some of the consequences unsatisfied conservatives will bring about.

In the Senate, a bad year for the Republicans would mean the loss of Rick Santorum (who has lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 88 out of a possible 100, and a 92 in 2005) in Pennsylvania, Jim Talent (93 rating lifetime, and a 96 in 2005) in Missouri, Conrad Burns (91, and a perfect 100 in 2005) in Montana and Mike DeWine (80 lifetime, only 56 in 2005) in Ohio.

Of course, Ohio voters who sit this one out will replace DeWine with Sherrod Brown, who has a lifetime rating of 8 and 4 for 2005. And they won’t get to revisit that decision until 2012.

If the GOP base doesn’t show up in Minnesota, you get Amy Klobuchar instead of Mark Kennedy (90 rating lifetime, 84 in 2005).

If the GOP base doesn’t show in Maryland, you get Ben Cardin (lifetime rating of 6, 2005 rating of 0!) or Kweise Mfume (lifetime ACU rating of 4) instead of Michael Steele.

If the GOP base doesn’t show in Tennessee, you get Harold Ford (19 lifetime, 21 in 2005) instead of Ed Bryant (lifetime ACU score of 98!) Van Hilleary (lifetime score of 97!). Another GOP candidate is Bob Corker, Chattanooga mayor.

If the GOP base doesn't show in West Virginia, you get Robert Byrd (lifetime rating of 30, 20 in 2005) as Appropriations Committee Chairman, instead of businessman John Raese.

If the GOP base doesn't show in Washington, you keep Maria Cantwell (11 lifetime, 8 in 2005) instead of businessman Mike McGavick.

Let's not forget what Nancy Pelosi promised in terms of investigations. If anyone thinks that Pelosi and John Conyers haven't made up their minds on these, they are kidding themselves.

At this point, it is time to ask conservatives like Mark Tapscott and Ed Morrissey if their pet issues are more important than their country winning a war for its survival. No equivocating, no hiding behind the word "principle", just a simple decision on what is more important to them.

Do they have the courage to do that, or are they just going to backpedal?

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gatorbait said...

I have come to the conclusion that "true and principled" really means whining , spoiled fanatic who thinks self immolation is a good thing and wants company doing it.