Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Guys, reread your law C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y . . .

An umarried couple in Missouri found were denied a residency permit by the town of Black Jack.

Now, here are the facts about the law:

A Black Jack ordinance prohibits more than three people from living together in a single family home unless they are related by 'blood, marriage or adoption.'

Here are the facts about the couple in Missouri:

Local officials told the couple that the fact they were not married and had three children, one from Shelltrack's previous relationship, did not fit the town's definition of 'family.'

OK, I'm scratching my head here. All three of the children are related by blood to Ms. Shelltrack, and two of them are related by blood to the father. Therefore, there seems to be zero grounds for denying a residency permit, unless there is a clause that I'm missing.

This is all aside from the notion that one needs an "occupancy permit" to live in one's own house (which is rather chilling).

However, Black Jack must be one heckuva place to live--no crime, everything in the infrastructure works perfectly, taxes must be perfect, et cetera--for the city council to be worrying about this issue.

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Harold C. Hutchison said...

There are some things done in the name of conservative causes that can be very frightening. "Occupancy permits" today... what will it be tomorrow?