Thursday, May 11, 2006

Irresponsible Conservatives

It seems that some people are trying to prove that the MoveOn/DailyKos Democrats are not the only ones who can display a sense of irresponsibility.

To wit, two major conservatives, blogger La Shawn Barber and columnist Peggy Noonan, are displaying examples of gross irresponsibility.

In the case of La Shawn Barber, her suggestion that President Bush be subjected to impeachment proceedings simply because he does not agree with her on immigration is beyond my ability to comprehend. Particularly when there is a question as to whether or not the law has gone wrong. Thankfully, Bush's impeachment over this issue is highly unlikely.

Peggy Noonan, on the other hand, should know better. A defeat for the GOP in 2006 means Speaker Pelosi. She has vowed investigations into the energy task force, the liberation of Iraq, and the NSA's efforts to find terrorists. If you like the leaks in the press now, you will just love what emerges from the kangaroo investigations that will come from the Democrats. The Dean-Pelosi Democrats - as well as their MoveOn/DailyKos netroots - have already reached their verdict on these subjects. All they need is the opportunity to impeach President Bush and Vice-President Cheney.

I think AJ-Strata is correct with his prediction that an American version of Kadima will arise, but it will be in 2008, not 2006. A 1992-type dynamic is regrettably possible, but unlike the aftermath of 1992, the 2006 "dissenters" (more accurately described as deserters) will not be forgiven for putting their pet issues over the war on terror.

This time, the desertion is coming in the middle of a war for this country's survival, and as such, there is not going to be as much forgiveness from the Republicans - particularly if they want to retain their national security credentials. Instead, the Republicans will capitalize on the disgust that the Democrats will generate in the center with their kangaroo investigations and efforts to undermine the war on terror. A combination of the Democratic incompetence and the visible defection of hardliners will allow the GOP to pick up not just centrist votes, but to also increase their efforts to reach out to black and Hispanic voters. Conservatives will become the junior partners in this American Kadima, and deservedly so.

Given the Democratic incompetence, the Republicans need to stay in power to ensure the safety of our country. Pelosi's comments on their agenda, and Howard Dean's comments indicate they are completely off their rocker. I don't care if Bush has to give a full-on amnesty (never mind the fact that McCain-Kennedy is not an amnesty, but more akin to a plea-bargain requiring fines and restitution) to illegal immigrants. I don't care of there are earmarks from DC to Anchorage to Honolulu and back. If it takes George W. Bush appearing on Howard Stern's show and getting lap dances from strippers for an hour, I'll chip in some money for Marine One's gas, and tell him to get that chopper on the way to New York City.

If conservatives cannot bring themselves to sacrifice purity on their pet issues to ensure this country's victory in the war on terror, then they no longer deserve public support or to hold any level of political power. The survival of this country trumps the conservative agenda in my book.

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Cannoneer No. 4 said...

The conservatives hate having their noses rubbed in the fact that they have no where to go. Hell, I'M a conservative, but not conservative enough to think inflicting Speaker Pelosi on the country is fitting revenge for Bush not doing things I want done.