Friday, June 16, 2006

Is this National Cheap Shot week?

Just when it seems like Ann Coulter was going to set the new low, here comes Larry Johnson from the left (specifically, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) with his own cheap shot.
Karl is a shameless bastard. This could explain why his mother killed herself. Once she discovered what a despicable soul she had spawned she apparently saw no other way out.
I have had a relative commit suicide. It's a pretty painful thing to deal with. And what Johnson has done is despicable, and not just because it reminded me a little of that relative killing himself.
You see, Johnson has gone to the cheap shot because, in a very real sense, Karl Rove spoke the truth about Democratic demands for a withdrawal - it is cut-and-run. And that withdrawal will have consequences. Don't take my word for it, see this recovered al-Qaeda document, and judge for yourself what a cut-and-run policy would be seen as.

Ann Coulter's cheap shots were wrong. They were vicious, nasty, and simply not something any person who supports civil discourse should tolerate. Larry Johnson's cheap shot is also wrong. It was vicious, nasty, not something a person who supports civil discourse should tolerate, and it was a transparent attempt to avoid discussing the consequences of the course of action he is advocating.

Not that I can really blame Johnson for his position. We have a historical frame of reference that shows how a similar course of action in Somalia was viewed by this country's enemies, and it is legitimate to ask them why they are supporting a plan that would give our enemies some encouragement.

But then again, for some people, judging by results is unfair. They have good intentions. That, and seventy-five cents will get me today's issue of USA Today.

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Ken Prescott said...

Larry Johnson is a despicable piece of filth. But he will be lionized for "speaking truth to power" by his fellow despicable pieces of filth.