Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Right's Michael Moore

Ann Coulter is rapidly showing a lot of the same behavior that really turns me off about some leftists. AJ-Strata goes into the details here.

This is part and parcel of similar crap that I've discussed elsewhere. There's not just the blatant claims of treason from people like Polipundit, it's also the sneer that seems ever-present when folks like me or the Hedgehog get asked about whether we have principles.

Ann Coulter is probably the most visible sign of this. Remember her use of a racial epithet at CPAC? And here she is, still feted by conservatives despite her inexcusable behavior - the way Michael Moore is by the left.

Well, at least she's better-looking than Michael Moore, but that's not a very difficult thing for a person to accomplish.

1 comment:

Ken Prescott said...

The bad news: my Adam's Apple is bigger than Ann Coulter's brain.

Even worse: so is Ann Coulter's.

BTW, before anyone gets holier-than-thou about this, understand that I am giving her the coin she prefers.