Monday, June 26, 2006

Why is Cannon a target?

Could it be because of what he's willing to say?

If there is anything that has pushed me from the "conservative" position on immigration, it's been a combination of not just the slimy underside of this, but the way that those who question it have been targeted by the restrictionists.

Remember how Michael Crichton discussed eugenics in the appendix to State of Fear? It seems that this slimy aganda may have found a home on the right in the form of the anti-immigration movement. Is that why Tancredo has gone after him, to shoot a conservative willing to expose this slimy movement?

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Pondering American said...

You have pegged it. Its also one reason why he has gotten so crucifyed by certain segments of the conservative press. For instance the the past spokesman at numbers(another Tanton orgainzation) is writing at National Review. Cannon caught him in a lie when was a spokesman when he would not admit all these groups are basically FAIR under a different name.

Tancredo repsonse to this charge is to constantly show is pro life record. I am trying to find a vote I think he took on allowing women that were having to have forced abortions in China, to have certain asylum guarantees. I believe he voted against it. The reason of course is I think its adds people to the population.

I am just hoping and praying that Cannon wins tommorow night. That will be a clear victory for us. Also if all this rumors, allegations, and hints that most of this project is a money making scam, now even being talked about by the extremist in this movement then perhaps there will a opportunity to regain the debate advantage.