Thursday, June 01, 2006

The broken system's latest outrage...

Go to Big Lizards and read about Walt Gaya.

This is a soldier who has been wounded in action twice defending this country in the war on terror. The second time he was wounded led to a travail with the bureaucracy at USCIS that only ended because his battalion commander got involved.

This was a soldier defending my country. Quite frankly, he was doing - never mind risking - a hell of a lot more for it than certain pundits and politicians who have been fighting the President tooth and nail over immigration. These pundits and politicians turn a blind eye to this bureaucracy. Heck, I wonder if Lieutenant Colonel Erik Kurilla would be committing a felony under the immigration bill that passed the House by sorting out this mess Gaya was in, since Gaya's green card had expired, making him an illegal immigrant.

Conservatives routinely stand against IRS abuses. They've stood with people facing off against bureaucrats who have effectively destroyed their property's value over "wetlands" or endangered bugs. They even stand up for people against bureaucrats who sought jurisdiction over ergonomics and home offices. But when the problem is with bureaucrats at USCIS or BP/ICE who give immigrants a hard time, the silence is amazing. It's hypocritical, too. Immigrants are people as well, and they deserve the same consideration as others get - particularly when they are trying to play by the rules. This is particularly true for those who are risking their lives to defend this country.

And it's another reason why those who are resisting President Bush's efforts are, quite frankly, getting it wrong.

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