Monday, June 19, 2006

Football season is coming...

But this is not to rant about anything, even though Kyle Orton probably got the biggest raw deal from his team, when, despite being tossed into a sink-or-swim situation, he manged to tread water at worst. So, how does his 10-5 record in 15 starts get rewarded? The Bears sign Brian Griese to be the new backup to Rex Grossman, who has not played in 27 out of the past 32 games.

No, this post is not about that injustice. Instead, this is post to expose something even more absurd. With the preseason publications coming out, it is always a little fun to take the listed height and weight of NFL players, and run them through the BMI calculator at the Center for Consumer Freedom's web page.

For instance, Brian Urlacher (6'4", 258 pounds) has a BMI of 31.40, making him obese according to the Federal government's BMI standard. Brian Urlacher - the terror of NFL running backs and quarterbacks. Obese by declaration of the federal government.

And my tax dollars went for this nonsense?

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