Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hillary Clinton against Ann Coulter

In this fight, it is a shame one of them has to win.

Hillary Clinton has her own nasty streak. Just ask Billy Dale. Ann Coulter has one, too. At least Ann Coulter is semi-attractive - but she is no Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Can't both of them just shut up?

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smh10 said...

Amen. Followed a bit of this debate over at AJ's today. Thought about commenting there but I guess I just can't grasp how some think if you don't follow their lead one simply cannot be Conservative.

Would I vote for Hillary for, not because she is a Democrat but in my opinion she is simply not trustworthy.

Would I vote for Ann for anything, no, because vicious attacks never do anything to solve any issue. She has proven herself time and again to use these tactics to make a point.

Mind you, I enjoy sound debate based on logic and facts but when it comes to personal attacks, well call me too "conservative" to enjoy or find it stimulating in any way.