Friday, June 02, 2006

Hans Blix demands an American surrender...

Hans Blix is demanding that America give up the war on terror.
The US foreign policy of pre-emptive strikes against any perceived weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threat, its development of new types of nuclear weapons and the "Star Wars" missile defence shield risked fuelling a new global arms race, said Dr Blix.

Dr Blix's warning came in a report, released yesterday, proposing ways to bring about global nuclear, biological and chemical disarmament.

By this logic, we need to sign pieces of paper - much as Great Britain did with Adolf Hitler in 1938 and 1935. Not to mention naval arms-control agreements. Germany went on to violate the treaties, and Japan did the same on a widespread scale that was breathtakingly blatant. Of course, when you pull off things like Auschwitz, Dachau, and the Rape of Nanking, not to mention invading peaceful neighbors and carrying out unprovoked sneak attacks, non-compliance with treaties is something you aren't even gonna think twice about. The same can be said of states that sponsor terrorists who blow themselves up in pizza parlors or on busses, or who fly airplanes into buildings. Is a piece of paper with fancy seals affixed next to a bunch of signatures going to change their behavior? Somehow, I doubt it.

What part of "it doesn't work" does Blix not understand? A good start to an official response to Blix's nonsense from the State Department would be, "Yob tvoyu maht."


Ken Prescott said...

Ignorance is Blix.

Ken Prescott said...

Oh . . . and who let him out of Kim Jong-Il's shark tank?

"I'm . . . so . . . ronery . . . "