Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pyrrhic victory coming?

The more I think of indicting the New York Times, the dumber the idea sounds. Calls to go after the New York Times, as satisfying as they are, should not be heeded.

It's not that I support the illegal disclosure of classified information - I don't. I think the leakers need to be prosecuted - and given cells in the SuperMax facility for at least 25 years.

But I'm afraid too many conservatives are, to paraphrase Ian Malcolm in the movie Jurassic Park, so preoccupied about whether or not they can have a big fight with the liberal media/liberal establishment/liberals that they do not stop to think whether or not they should fight a particular battle at a particular time.

As if that would not be bad enough, these conservatives often castigate those who do ask questions about the wisdom of such a course of action for lacking "principles" or being "squishes". I'm sorry, but that is untrue. I'm opposed to pyrrhic victories and banzai charges on principle. And prosecuting the New York Times sounds tailor-made for a pyrrhic victory at best, and a banzai charge at worst.

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