Thursday, June 22, 2006

The located WMDs...

Well, it seems that the "no WMDs" folks have just had a bad day. The summary is at (in a PDF).

Austin Bay has a lengthy discussion on this. What he doesn't note, though is some memos acquired by in October, 2004, one of which points to efforts to acquire mustard gas. We also have comments from Lieutenant General Mike DeLong, stating Iraq had WMDs (he believes they got moved to Syria), and General Tommy Franks, who explains how Saddam had the infrastructure.

Why was it kept quiet? Well, folks, telling everyone what we found, and where we found it is a good way to give al-Qaeda pointers on where to look. Also, revealing what is known can help terrorists figure out who is cooperating - dead informants tell no tales, and when people are killed for passing on information sources dry up.

At this point, though, revealing some of the finds is good - not just because it shows the intelligence wasn't that far off, but also because it will deflate the anti-war movement to a degree. The vast majority of our intelligence professionals know what they are doing and are dedicated to protecting this country - let's trust them to do their jobs.

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