Wednesday, June 28, 2006

With 58 percent in...

Cannon is holding a 57-43 lead over Jacob (a rough percentage breakdown) with the majority of the precincts reporting. The purge appears to be failing - and doing so very badly (the 2004 primary challenger got 42%).

Tom Tancredo has lost a lot of influence in the House Republican conference. He needed to take down Cannon - and he has failed to do so twice (his first attempt was at the state convention). In the process of trying to take out Cannon, he has crossed lines (as has been noted at Redstate here and here). Short version, he went toe-to-toe with the White House (which did various calls in support of Chris Cannon), and he lost.

The chances of a comprehensive immigration bill like the one the White House wants have improved. It might not make it - Tancredo can still probably muster enough votes to defeat the rule on any bill from a conference committee that he opposes, but the chances are better.

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